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HKSYU INFO DAY 2023 - Start your local & overseas internship journey with IAO


Start Your Local & Overseas Internship Journey

Are you ready to embark on a transformative internship experience that will shape your future and open doors to endless possibilities? IAO is thrilled to meet you at the HKSYU Information Day 2023 to empower and guide students like you towards success.

Event Details:

  • Date: 18 November 2023 (Sat)
  • Time: 10a.m. to 4p.m.
  • Location: 35th Anniversary Plaza, HKSYU

Why Attend?

At our event, you'll gain invaluable insights, expert guidance, and access to a wide range of internship opportunities, both locally and overseas. This event is tailored to meet your unique aspirations and goals if you're seeking hands-on experience.

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IAO@ Info Day 2023