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An essential common aim of industrial attachment course alongside the discipline-specific and curriculum-specific features is to broaden students’ social horizons, enrich their learning experience, and improve their employability through direct engagement in the workplace.


An industrial attachment course enables students:

  • To apply their theoretical knowledge through hands-on experience of real-world practices in an authentic organisational context.
  • To connect what students have learned in the classroom with real life lessons learned in the workplace;
  • To combine theory with practice in order to create new knowledge and builds generic competencies to enable them to pursue their career goals;
  • To cultivate capable and self-reliant graduates who are ready to embark on their chosen career path and able to contribute to the betterment of the community.



Chinese Language and Literature

CHI 396 Work Placement


CHI 397 Work Placement (Education)

English Language and Literature

ENG 285 Work Placement


ENG 360 Work Placement (Education)


HIST 380 Work Placement

Journalism and Communication

JOUR 403 Professional Internship


MDIT 403 Professional Internship


ACCT 471 Internship

Business Administration

BUS 490 Internship


BUS 471 Internship Capstone Project (CGRM)


BUS 471 Internship Capstone Project (DM)


BUS 471 Internship Capstone Project (HRMAP)

Economics and Finance

ECON 460 Internship

Law and Business

LAW 323 Internship

Applied Data Science

ADS 403 Professional Internship

Counselling & Psychology

COUN 461-2 Internship


PSY 461 Industrial Attachment

Social Work

SW 361-2 Fieldwork


SW 363 Fieldwork


SW 471-2 Fieldwork


SOC 470 Service Learning


SOC 490 Work Placement

























Course handbooks are available for download here.


Hong Kong Shue Yan University is determined to be the leading private University in Hong Kong. Strategic development goals have been set to sustain the University’s first mover advantage as the students’ choice of private university in Hong Kong and to enrich students’ learning experience and employability.

The integration of industrial attachment with the academic curriculum is introduced in support of the University’s vision. The new teaching and learning model and practice from industrial attachment courses is advanced to accomplish the strategic development goals and to offer innovative pedagogy in delivering theoretical, professional and practical knowledge that:

  • Keeps academic programme development abreast with the ever-changing and competitive environment;

  • Enhances the integration of tertiary education with community that is necessary for the knowledge-based economy;

  • Meets the need to develop informed and skilled individuals who have the self-reliance, capabilities and attributes to make an effective contribution to the society;

  • Equips students with the generic competences to realise their career goals and the determination to succeed in different contexts and throughout life.

Overall, industrial attachment courses seek to make a difference to students’ learning experience and contribute to the betterment of the community in general.


Industrial Attachment Abroad

The University provides undergraduate programmes with credit-bearing industrial attachments abroad that enables eligible students to work and apply theoretical knowledge in the organisational setting of overseas work agencies. Eligible students can apply for allowances to cover partial/ entire cost needed for flight/ train tickets and accommodation during the industrial attachments abroad, as well as ask for other means of supports from IAO, such as online support group or certification for Visa application etc.

Students can apply for industrial attachments abroad in overseas work agencies during summer between June and August. Briefing sessions and pre-industrial attachment abroad workshops will be provided in order to enhance students’ readiness for the global working environment. Post-industrial attachment abroad reflection is also required for obtaining the credits conferred by the industrial attachments abroad.


The overall aim of the industrial attachment abroad scheme is to offer an opportunity for students to gain work-related global competencies in part of the existing industrial attachment course of the degree programme to which it belongs. Alongside the discipline-specific and/or curriculum-specific features, the specific aim of the industrial attachment abroad scheme is to equip students with:

  • positive attitude toward cultural differences,
  • cross-cultural skills to fulfil job duties in a transnational work environment, and
  • global connections with people from different regions/countries.

Timeline for Industrial Attachment Abroad

The recruitment will normally start from November. If students intend to take up an industrial attachment abroad, they should complete all recruitment procedures within the timeline and fulfil the academic and work requirements. Overseas work agencies will assess students’ eligibility during the interviews and their performance throughout the industrial attachment abroad period. IAO will assist students in the relevant logistics arrangements.


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