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The Industrial Attachment Office was established in 2018 to coordinate the provision of workplace-integrated learning opportunities for students. In pursuit of the University’s strategic goal of encouraging flexible pedagogies and embedding more practical experiences into the curriculum of existing degree programmes, the Office provides a university-wide platform: 

  • To establish a sustainable organisational framework for implementing industrial attachment courses;
  • To ensure the provision of workplace-integrated teaching and learning through industrial attachments that meet social and economic needs;
  • To maintain effective collaboration with industries, employers, professional bodies and governmental and non-governmental organisations;
  • To source quality industrial attachments for placements, internships, research practicums, service learning, enterprise learning, workplace training and related opportunities;
  • To support all academic departments to develop discipline-specific, credit-bearing industrial attachment courses as part of their undergraduate programmes;
  • To maintain close collaboration with the Office of Student Affairs to offer pre- and post-attachment support to students; 
  • To review the overall quality of industrial attachments and formulate further development plans.