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Experiential Learning Tour to New Zealand


Welcome to the Experiential Learning Tour in New Zealand, organized by the Industrial Attachment Office at Hong Kong Shue Yan University. From 11th August 2023 to 18th August 2023, we embarked on a transformative journey aimed at enriching student experiences and fostering cultural sensitivity.

Our tour focused on providing students from the Department of Social Work with valuable insights and knowledge in offering services within a multicultural context. By visiting social service agencies in New Zealand, we aimed to expose participants to the latest developments in the social service sector and social enterprises in the Oceania region.

Fifteen students from Year 1 and 2 in the Department of Social Work, along with Dr. Steve FONG, Head of the Department of Social Work, and Dr. Raymond CHUI, Director of Industrial Attachment, formed our dynamic team. They are excited to share with you the outcomes and insights gained during our transformative journey.

We invite you to read the comprehensive tour report to learn more about the outcomes and experiences. We hope that you will gain a deeper understanding of the transformative impact and the importance of collaborative efforts in creating a more inclusive society!

Experiential Learning Tour to New ZealandExperiential Learning Tour to New Zealand